Endlink WRX Rear

Endlink WRX Rear

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End link WRX Rear – Oh, yeah… you got that stiffer rear sway bar out back helping you keep flat in corners. It’s probably adjustable, because you aren’t the kind of person to get locked into one situation. You need variety. No hemming you in, you wyld stallion.

Hang on, though. You’re still using the stock end links? The plastic ones with the rubber bushings? That’s asking for a failure. Those stockers flex, bend, and can break with your stiff bar. Not very efficient, right?

Get back to efficiency with our rear end links. These bad boys are solidly designed, CNC cut, and hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum with urethane bushings. No corners being cut here.

The urethane allows for the proper amount of dynamic flex to maintain predictable feel, while the slightly reduced overall height allows for some extra clearance.

You owe it to your sway bar to install these.