Subaru Fog Mounts

Subaru Fog Mounts

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Subaru Fog Mounts – So you have some gaping holes in your front bumper, and you wanna go all WRC, but they’re just holes, right… I mean… you could zip-tie some lights in, I guess.

Maybe you’re wanting to replace the stock lights with some Hellas. Some juicy 3” cornering lamps so you can see down stage as you toss that RS sideways like Sainz. Again, I guess you could use some zip-ties.

Or you could grap these brackets and do it up right. Do it.  Designed to fit most lower center mount fogs. Piaa ProXT80. Hella 500.

*2022 update. Mounts are now 3/16” laser cut steel. Raw unplated. Please allow an additional week to ship.*