Subaru Pitchmount Updates. New lower price. 12-13-19

I've upped my buying quantities now UP YOURS! That's right, I've tripled my raw materials quantities and redid the G code to shave off a few minutes of machine time. So i can pass those savings onto you. We've been making these pitchmounts for close to 10 years now. Fits almost every Subaru that has a pitchmount. EVEN CVT cars. Our shop Crosstrek us running one with great results. 

New pricing is 100.00.

Kartboy has also contracted our friends at to help with some new product descriptions.

Subaru Pitch Mount – What the heck is a pitch mount you ask? Well, step right up and we’ll tell ya, kids. During acceleration your engine wants to twist (roll), and lean back (pitch). But all that movement, which is caused by torque, just isn’t efficient. “Yeah, yeah, I know that,” you say? “I already did STi Transmission mounts,” you claim? Ok. Cool cool. Those are great for roll, but pitch still needs to be addressed.

In case you’re still wondering what we’re on about, the pitch mount is that weird dog bone looking thing bolting your engine to your firewall. The stock unit is plastic. The stock unit is as soft as 10-ply to keep things quiet for the causal driver, but that means it’s flexy. Flexy is bad, m’kay.

Our version is CNC’d in San Diego, black anodized with 85a durometer bushings, and is laser engraved. LASER ENGRAVED! That’s some futuristic stuff right there. Designed to prevent power-robbing pitch without excessive NVH, and improve throttle response.