New Kartboy Dead Pedals. Now shipping.

Is your left foot jealous of your right foot? I mean who wouldn't be. It gets to control BOTH Gas AND Brake Pedals. (unless you are Colin McRae or Petter Solberg and can do LFB)  Lefty only gets to run the Clutch Pedal. That is unless you have a CVT sadness... Then lefty just gets to hang out and be chill. Why not hook up your left foot with one of these Kartboy Dead Pedals?  CNC'd in house from 0.25inch thick 6061, Anodized then Aircraft Buck Riveted for that bitchin style and grip. Fits most Subarus. Center to Center on the holes is 5.55" Double check before ordering. Simple install. Pull the stock plastic ones off. Pop the plastic clips in the new one and install that sucker. Then enjoy.  Black Order Link   Silver Order Link